Dot&Dot 18 Inches Packing Folder Backpack Accessory to Avoid Wrinkled Clothing


Separately handwash in cold water. Do not soak or bleach. Hang to dry in the shade. Avoid direct sunlight. Simplify Travel with Packing Sleeves ?C Our 18?? fabric packing sleeves make it easy to travel with wrinkle free shirts, dresses, women??s cardigans, t-shirts, and blouses. It can hold up to 8-12 items! Add these to your traveling accessories and supplies today for organizing your luggage on your next vacation or business trip. Maximize Your Packing Space – Each Dot&Dot packing sleeve comes with a shirt folding board that includes folding tips and instructions, so you can fold your collared shirts, sweaters, uniforms, or even tees to minimize wrinkles. The envelope compresses so it will fit into any backpack, baggage, or suitcase. Great for your Carry On Bag – This heavy duty and super lightweight nylon and mesh fabric envelope with top strap is the perfect carrying case to take through airport security and a garment bag for an extra change of clothes for frequent business travelers. It??s also great for world travelers during long international flights! Great Space Saver for Long Trips – No more juggling multiple suitcases! The adjustable Velcro-close sleeves will make it easier to pack all the clothing you need in one space. Whether you??re backpacking outdoors or enjoying a relaxing cruise, our packing sleeves give you a simple organization system. Not Just For Airline Travel- Our flip fold packing sleeves are great for men, women, boys, and girls. With a variety of colors, like black, red, orange, and pink, you can get a packing sleeve for everyone in the family. They??re great for long car rides and hotel rooms.


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