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MULTIPURPOSE 4 in 1 TRAVEL DISPENSER ?C A multi-bottle system that lets you store soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions or other travel skincare essentials our dispenser bottles help you save space while making it easier to care for your body STREAMLINED SPACE-SAVING BOTTLE SYSTEM ?C This all-in-one travel soap dispenser fits four refillable 1.4 oz. bottles on the inside of a twistable dispenser system that lets you select and pour from any bottle with a simple press of a button TSA APPROVED TRANSPARENCY AND SIZE ?C Our soap, serum, body wash, and shampoo dispenser for showering is also TSA compliant which means you can take it on flights for vacations or business trips or save time at the gym after a sweaty workout. SMART PERSONAL OR FAMILY USE ?C Royal Sapper refillable travel bottles are ideal for students, avid travelers, gym goers, athletes, and men or women who live busy, active lifestyles and want a simple way to stay organized with a single portable bottle. LEAK-RESISTANT, PORTABLE, AND REUSABLE ?C The Royal Sapper travel dispenser features refillable bottles with push-pump tops that won??t leak when they??re in a bag, so you can switch between each one without leaving a mess behind.


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