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Hands free living with your new Inogen one G3 backpack (also fits oxygo) no longer a need for an extra bag, your Inogen unit, keys, extra battery, wallet, charging cords all fit into this lightweight, yet, durable backpack specifically manufactured for the Inogen one G3 and oxygo units. Comfortable, adjustable, padded backpack straps adjust for a smaller woman to a larger man, backpack straps are comfortable and provide all day support. Want to carry your extra battery, charger, your wallet, your unit, your charging cords in one backpack? This is the solution. Our backpack is small and not bulky like the alternative backpacks on the market, making it easier to go about your daily activities Zippered bottom makes it easy to take your Inogen G3 in and out of your backpack (also purse feet for keeping your bag off the floor and clean) Proper ventilation allows your Inogen unit to breathe inside the backpack, there are mesh panels everywhere!


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