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??Multiple Design for Leak-Proof and Control Flow?? First, a 3-Layer Leak-Proof setting of the cap, which prevents the liquid leakage or spillage. Second, the No-Drip Valve, helps you dispense the correct amount and prevents leaks. Third, we also provide a transparent outer packaging bags, so that you can store and carry them neatly and organized, no worring about the leaking to the luggage and cloths. ??Food Grade Silicone Offer the Safety and Durable??Silicone material is soft enough to be easily squeezed or be folded. What’s more, it can be used from -58 to 392 degrees Fahrenheit, so you could place this silicone bottle in dishwasher to clean or hot water to disinfect. The high quality material made these bottle durable and safety, waterproof and light. ??TSA approved and easy to to use?? 4 x 3oz bottles and 1 x 0.7oz crean jar , which conforms to the TSA rule, can easily pass the aviation safety inspection and large enough to use in a long vocation. Feature with a wide opening, easy to refill and clean. And Oval bottle body, no more worry on liquid retaining ??6?Labels?and?4?color?bottles?easy?to?be?organized?and?identified???Specially?design?6?different?labels?( 5?is?pre-printed?and?1?is?DIY )?on?the?lid?and?4?different colors?bottles?in?one?set (white,?blue,?peacock?blue?and?dark?blue) will?let?you?easily?identify?different?usage. ??Multiple?application?in?travelling???FDA-certified,?BPA-Free?air?travel?bottles,?is?suitable?for?using?as?a?liquid?container?while?business?trip,?travlling,?GEM,?panic,?camping?for?various?skin?care?loation,?shampoos,conditioners,?suncreem?or?even?salad?source,?ketchup?or?other?food?liquid.?It?can?be?Refillable?and?Reusable.


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